Walking Sunday in London
Walked the banks of the Thames today.

Back the Bid sticker on the tube.
Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament
Where parliament meets.
War Protesters outside the Houses of Parliament
Cheesy tourist photo with Big Ben.
Reciprocal cheesy photos in front of Big Ben.
Enormous statue of Richard the Lionhearted.
Front of St. Margaret's Church at Westminster Abbey.
Details of Musicians above the door.
Notice the harp.
And yet more.
Hey, is that a bell ringer?
Rose window given by Henry VIII & Catherine.
The right side.
Photo of a postcard of the view of the rose window we had.
Floor plan of a cathedral.
The inside of St. Margaret's (postcard).
A view of the inner square of the Abbey.
Tomb from the 1100s
Same tomb, can you make out the writing?
The Thames River
The "Eye," a wheel that takes you up for a look.
Where the Rose Theater used to stand.
Where the Bear Baiting used to be. (notice the artwork?)
The prow of the reproduction of Drake's ship.
The Golden Hind, Drakes' ship that sailed around the globe.
The parking lot and apartments where The Globe used to be.
Cheesy picture with the plaque from the site of the Globe.
Where the Tabard (renamed the Talbot) used to stand.
The George Inn. From the late 1500s.
Cheesy photo with Tower Bridge
Monument built to honor those that died in the Great Fire in 1666
The Tower of London (really a castle.)
Nice shot of the outer curtain.
Some of the older bits inside.
Cheesy photo with Round Tower.
Tower Bridge, often mistaken for London Bridge.
More towers.
This is the entrance gate to the causeway.
Southwark Cathedral entrance.
Southwark Cathedral, side view.