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Caernarfon Castle


Maggie and I walking up the streets of Caernarfon town towards the Castle. (We spot the castles from the road, find the car park, and then follow the towers to the castle.)


We arrived only an hour before they closed, so we just dashed about like mad taking photos and running up and down the towers.


The gatehouse is very very daunting. But notice the pretty gothic windows at the top.


This is the inner ward of Caernarfon. The castle was inside a walled city, so it has no separate curtain wall.


Notice how tall the towers are and how large the square is. A grand castle.


View from one tower across the square to the towers at the other end.


The ceiling of the passageways keep the keyhole shape that the doorways had at Beaumaris and Conwy, but it's not repeated at the bottom.


A really well preserved garder robe in one of the wall passages. Can you see the stone seat on the left? It smelled like some of the tourists had been using it.

This is a tower room that has its floor and roof. Notice the window on the left and right? Also the ample fireplace. A very large round room.


Windows overlooking the inner ward of the castle. The Queen did stay at this castle quite a bit, and it shows. It's much posher then Conwy. (And it makes Beaumaris look like a cave by comparison.)


A lantern tower.

While Ox went to run around the outside of the castle and take photos, Maggie and I went to wait at a pub across the street. As we walked up, the barkeep came to the door and tossed a fledgling seagull out the door. He drunkenly flew a foot or two and then proceeded to walk (with a bit of a limp) up and down the sidewalk. I assume he had wandered into the pub earlier. Unsteady young seagulls were all around Caernarfon.