British Library & British Museum

St. Pancras Church has columns like ones in the British Museum.

Sleeping guy at the church was there this evening too.

Entrance to the British Library.

The very new British Library.

The inscription dedicating the building in 1998.

Me in front of the Sutton Hoo stuff.

The bosses on the shield.

The fittings and blade of the sword.

Glass beakers.

A reconstruction of the lyre from the Sutton Hoo.

The actual remains of the lyre.

The right arm of the lyre

Another shot of the left arm.

40 coins, all minted at different mints.

Purse lid.

Gold belt buckle. Very large, very thick.

Jim Gregory, from Kalamazoo Michigan.

Remains of the Taplow Lyre.

Franks Casket. Itty bitty box.

Comb and comb case from 9th or 10th century.

Spinning stuff.

A boss meant to go on a scutum.

A much larger boss to go on a scutum.

Detail of the bottom of the scutum.

Metal decorations are original, pots are reconstructions.

Warp weighted loom on a Greek vase.

Really really old Greek lyre.