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Redwulf Songbook

Created originally in A.S. XXIX (1994). For a full history of the Redwulf Songbook see its Wiki page.

PDF for Online Viewing:

Smaller and the links in the Index at the back are alive and will take you to the song you click on.

PDF to Print Out the Songbook as a Booklet:

Print it from Adobe Acrobat: "Booklet." Cut pages in half, and comb bind them into a songbook. (If you find a 3 ring binder that takes 8.5x5.5" pages, you could do that instead.)


Learn to Sing the Songs:

(These mp3s are meant for teaching the tune, not necessarily for listening pleasure. If you want to learn a song below and you can't find it on Youtube and it doesn't have a recording, let me know and I'll make a quick one for you.)

A Robyn, Gentil Robyn
All Amoung the Barley

All Through the Night
An Ape, a Lion, a Fox, & an Ass
An Old Cliche Revisited
A Pict Song
Barbara Allen
Belt and Chain
Black Widows in the Privy
Bow to the Crown
Bowline Sea Shanty
By the Weight of the Chain
Call the Names
Cockles and Mussels
Come Follow Me
Coventry Carol
Crúiscin Lán
Crusader’s Song
Dona Nobis
Drinking of Ale
Drink From the Cup
Eileen Aroon
Farewell to Ansteorra
Follow Me Up to Carlow
God Rest ye Frantic Autocrat
Go to Joan Glover
Guardians of the Gate
Guardians of the Star
Gulf Wars Cadence (Hail, hail Mooneschadowe)
Gypsy Rover (The)
Haida Haida
Happy Birthday
Hey Jack
Hineh Ma Tov
Honeymoon Song
Horse to Trot
Ho Young Rider
I am A-thirst
Karelia's Song
King's Arrow Bridge*
Knight’s Leap
Loch Lomond
Love Will Find Out the Way
Lucais' Song (On Another Shore)*
Lusty Young Smith
Martin Said to His Man
Mead for the Servant
Merry It Is
Mingulay Boat Song
Mooneschadowe Carting Song
Mooneschadowe Round
Non Nobis (harmonized), and Non Nobis (parts sung separately)
O How Lovely Is the Evening
Paddy's Song
Parcel of Rogues
Piers Plowman*
Queen of Argyll
Ramblin' Rover
Red is for Purity
Ride a Cock Horse
Rite of Passage
Savage Daughter
Sir Sheridon Seeks the Sword Eclipse*
Sisters Dancing Together
Skye Boat Song
Song of Roland
Spring Strathspy
Stand Brother Stand
Sumer is Icumen In (Melody)
and Discant and Both Parts Together
Sweet Mooneschadowe
The Ansteorran Line
The Ashgrove
The Ballad of Centurion Owen
The Battle of Maldon
The Burden of the Crown
The Gypsy Rover
The Hospitaller's Song
The Keeper
The Margrave's Song*
The Minstrel Boy
The Parting Glass
The Parting Round
The Quest
The Raven Banner
The Riddle Song
The Rising of the Star
The Song of the Shield Wall
The Temper of Revenge
The Water is Wide
Thigpen's Wedding Song
Three Blind Mice
Three Ravens
To Portsmouth
True & Destined King
Twa Corbies
Two Magicians
Two Sisters
Welsh History 101 B
We Be Soldiers Three
We Would be in Less Danger
What Shall We Do with a Drunken Sailor?
When the King Came to Mooneschadowe*
Wild Mountain Thyme


* Songs written by Rhiannon Redwulf



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