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Period Spinning Wheels

An article I wrote on what aspects of modern spinning wheels are "period" and what are not. Includes dates for the earliest illustrations of various kinds of wheels.

Threads of Information

My handout from a fiber class. It has interesting facts about how fibers have changed since the Middle Ages, and defines some of the basic spinning terms. There is also a good reading list at the end.

Examples of Various Fibers and Skeins of Spun Thread (Photos)

This is a miscellaneous series of photos with descriptions written below. I've included some novelty fibers to show what they are like. There is also a batch of hanging of skeins that show the color variation that is possible when different levels of grease are removed from the wool prior to dying.

Clothing for Gunhilda Adeleva Amberstar for Her Pelican Ceremony (Photos)

This is a series of photos and a commentary about a set of Norse clothing that I designed from photos that Mistress Gunhilda had of her trips to the Hedeby Museum in Germany. Since the time was short, I enlisted the aid of many Mooneschadeen who love Gunhilda to help me with the work.

Bayeux Tapestry Embroidery Done with Handspun Wool Thread (Photos)

I did a strip of embroidery mimicing the Bayeux Tapestry; wool thread couched and stem stitched on linen. The thread I spun for this project had to be quite fine, and to make sure it was sturdy and even enough, I plied it.

Handspun Suffolk Wool Warp and Weft for a Tabbard

This project was spun entirely on drop spindle. HL Gwennan of House Windbourne wove it into a tabbard. I left the wool its natural color. Unaware that almost all medieval weaving was done with singles (see Threads of Information above), I plied all the thread.



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